Once again in classic Cinema style, we squadded up and hit the road in search of new spots and new opportunities. This time bound for the Motor City. Sit back and listen to the sounds of Motown as Garrett, Chad, Dak, Nathan and Corey breath new life into the streets of Detroit in over 10 minutes of bangers and good times.


We’re putting the pedal to the metal and are set to roll into Detroit this week! Looking forward to cruising through the city and filming a ton with the whole entire squad. We’re going to swinging by Albe’s BMX on Saturday, June 29th at 2PM to hang and cruise with the homies. Follow us on Instagram (@cinemabmx) for updates from the road and come say hi at Albe’s!


The second episode in our ‘Take 5’ series hits with a lot of great stories from Chad Kerley thanks to all of your great questions. Press play above to find out what go Chad into riding, where the nose wheelie skills come from, and how important Hot Cheetos are to being CK!


Our new video interview series, ‘Take 5,’ is your chance to ask the team what makes them tick. Your favorite Cinema riders will take five of your questions and share their insights right from the directors chair! Our first episode stars Corey Martinez answering questions about his favorite places to travel/ride, favorite tricks, and more. Press play!



Nothing but hammers in this jam-packed edit of the Best of 2018 from Chad Kerley, Corey Martinez, Garrett Reynolds, Dakota Roche, and Nathan Williams. We’ve compiled all of the wildest clips from our Mile High edit, Montreal tour, Signature Sessions, and more so sit back and enjoy!

Filmed by: Will Stroud, Harley Haskett, Tony Ennis, Andrew Knight, Veesh, Garrett Reynolds
Edited by: Will Stroud
Art Direction: Harley Haskett
Photography: Kevin Conners

Filmed on location in Denver, San Diego, Los Angeles & Montreal



Garrett Reynolds once again lays down nothing but hammers in his Signature Sessions edit to celebrate the release of his all new signature Reynolds rim. From Cali to Barca to Montreal and back, Garrett puts his rims to the test. The Reynolds rim is available separately or as complete front and rear freecoaster wheels at finer bike shops and mail orders worldwide!

Filmed by Will Stroud & Tony Ennis
Edited by Will Stroud
Art Direction by Harley Haskett
Photography by Kevin Conners


Sit back and get ready for six solid minutes of the madness you know from Chad Kerley, Garrett Reynolds, and Nathan Williams from our recent trip to Montreal, Quebec. The dudes didn’t let days of rain or frigid temperatures stop them from exploring and destroying the streets and it shows. Get ready to hit rewind again and again on this one! Huge thanks to our Canadian distributor, OGCBMX, for helping get us north of the border for an amazing trip!

Filmed by Will Stroud & Harley Haskett
Edited by Will Stroud
Art Direction by Harley Haskett
Photography by Kevin Conners


Real hyped to announce that we’re gonna be cruising through Montreal next month with Chad Kerley, Garrett Reynolds, and Nathan Williams to work on some filming projects and to hang and ride with the locals. We’re going to be hosting a Team Jam at Le Taz skatepark on Saturday, Oct. 6 and will end our trip with an outdoor hang at the Olympic Stadium on Sunday, Oct. 7. Here’s some more information about the Le Taz Team Jam…

‘Cinema hits Montreal on October 6th from 6PM-10PM for the Le Taz Team Jam with Chad Kerley, Garrett Reynolds, and Nathan Williams. An open format jam will take place first, from which each Cinema rider will select 3 riders to create their team. These three teams then go head-to-head in a best of two runs format with a heap of prizes for the winners and everyone in attendance. For more information visit

Keep an eye out for more news and spread the word!



Watch Dak put it down with two minutes of fresh footage in Cinema’s latest Signature Sessions video.

We are pleased to announce the release of Dakota Roche’s signature edition Cinema wheelset in army green with custom rim decals. These Dak edition wheels feature the super strong Cinema C38 rims laced up to the updated Cinema VX2 front hub and Cinema FX2 rear freecoaster hub. Hand laced, 3-cross with 14-gauge stainless steel spokes and brass nipples, providing superior strength. This wheel comes standard with a rim strip and both Cinema CR and DR nylon hub guards, making it ready to go out of the box! Now available worldwide at finer bike shops, mail orders, or from our online shop.



Catch all the behind-the-scenes action from our Mile High trip to Denver thanks to the crew at DIG and their ‘In The Cut’ series. Tons of antics and some unseen clips from the whole squad, press play and enjoy! Filmed by Will Stroud and Andrew Knight, edited by Will Stroud.