Huge congrats to our dude Nathan Williams for taking home not one but two NORA cups this year for Rider of the Year and Video Part of the Year for his etnies ‘Chapters’ part. Dude’s been putting in some serious work and if you haven’t seen his ‘Chapters’ part yet, get on it, shit is wild! Also, congrats to our TM and videographer Will Stroud and the whole etnies crew for taking home Video of the Year for ‘Chapters.’

Nathan and Chad Win Big!

We’re so stoked to announce that our dudes Nathan Williams and Chad Kerley both won big over the weekend when the X Games Real Street contest came to a close. Chad and filmer Christian Rigal brought home the silver and Nathan and filmer Peter Adam took the gold, both teams putting together two incredible video parts. So stoked and proud of the dudes, watch the final judging of their videos below!


If you haven’t seen them yet, both our dudes Nathan Williams and Chad Kerley put together some amazing parts for the X Games Real Street video contest. So much wild shit in both of these edits, shout out to Peter Adam for the film and edit on Nathan’s video and to Christian Rigal for the work on Chad’s video. Have a watch and go vote! Winners will be announced on June 24.



We’re continuing to roll out the full parts from all of the dudes on the team and are stoked to drop Nathan Williams’ section today in association with the crew at Ride BMX. Seven years of wild footage filmed all over the world with that classic Nathan style. Sit back and enjoy!

District of Cinema Video


We’re stoked to present our latest team video, District of Cinema, from our recent trip to Washington, DC. The whole crew, including Garrett Reynolds, Nathan Williams, Chad Kerley, Dakota Roche, and Corey Martinez, went in hard on this one over the ten day trip. Sit back and watch the insanity unfold!

Directed and edited by Will Stroud.
Filmed by Will Stroud, Dakota Roche, Harley Haskett, Garrett Reynolds, Nathan Williams.
Art direction by Harley Haskett.
Thanks to Brian Kachinsky and Jon Saunders.


New TNEZ Fire

We’re stoked to present Corey Martinez’s 2017 video part! Six years of collective footage from 17 filmers. Half was filmed on Cinema trips over the years and the other half was filmed by all Corey’s homies on his #travelingwithTNEZ adventures. Filmed in Nashville, Atlanta, NYC, Denver, Portland, Vegas, Los Angeles, San Diego, Phoenix, Austin & Barcelona. Sit back, grab some popcorn and enjoy..

Filmed & edited by:
Will Stroud

Additional Filming by:
Mike Manzoori
Nathan Williams
Dakota Roche
Christian Rigal
Dennis Enarson
Jeff Kocsis
Walter Pieringer
Andrew Brady
Tony Malouf
Jeff Wescott
Jeremie Infelise
Pat Morse
Joel Barnett
Shane Weston
Fernando Gomarin Olaiz

Animation by:
Chris Schoenman