Born and raised in San Diego, CK started racing BMX in preschool and raced through his early teens before he took it to the streets and skateparks meeting guys like Dennis Enarson and Christian Rigal. Having good role models and riding buddies really pushed him to learn heavy technical moves that he infused with the style and bike control that came from his racing background. Fast forward a few years and CK is putting out mind melting video parts and starting to win Dew Tour and X Games comps. All that aside, Chad is one of the best dudes to have in the van on any trip. He keeps the soundtrack pumping and smiles on everyone’s face.


Date of birth? January 27, 1994
Hometown? San Diego, CA
Current place of residence? San Diego, CA
What got you into riding? I just loved riding bikes and got into racing after my preschool teacher suggested going since her kids did. 
Favourite riders, then and now? Garrett and Edwin were huge influences when I first got into riding. I don’t necessarily have a favorite rider since I look up to so many, but I’m always influenced when I watch Alex Kennedy and Nathan Williams. 
Favourite videos, then and now? The Nike 6.0 ‘Writing on the Wall’ video was my first favorite I’d watch back to back all day. Nowadays I’m hyped on watching online video parts like Dan Lacey’s that just dropped, it’s amazing, and old stuff on YouTube like Edwin. 
Most memorable trip? The trip to Barcelona while filming for the Markit Zero video was amazing and all the trips we did while making that video, it was such a staple in my life I’ll never forget those good times.