Dakota Roche is probably most street riders favorite street rider and can be found wandering business complexes and school yards in Southern California on a never ending spot search to find the next unique setup without tire marks or wax on it. His passion for riding has taken him to countries near and far, down endless alleyways and places no normal people roam and all the way to X Games podiums. Dak has put out some serious video parts over the years that showcase his diversity and power and continually remind everyone just how badass a good wallride is.


Date of birth? July 21, 1987.

Hometown? Huntington Beach, CA.

Current place of residence? Costa Mesa, CA.

What got you into riding? I learned at a young age that I love launching off of stuff and being in the air so skateboarding and BMXing were my ways of doing that from the git go.

Favorite riders, then and now? Too many, but a few are Garrett Byrnes, Mike Aitken, Ruben Alcantara, Corey Martinez, Nathan Williams, Dennis Enarson, Alex Kennedy, Ty Moe, Gary Young.

Favourite videos, then and now? Then: Criminal Mischief. Now: I think “Still United” is one of my favorites from the last few years.

Most memorable trip? Went on a trip through Europe called ‘Down the Middle’ for Monster and Cinema with some of my favorite people. It ruled.