A bunch of new stuff just rolled in that we're all really psyched on and can't wait for everyone to get their hands on. First off...

The Dak Peg! Dakota Roche's signature peg features a super strong chromoly core and a long-lasting nylon sleeve, for smooth grinds on the roughest ledges and rails. The exclusive cog design increases the cores end thickness making this peg even stronger than traditional plastic pegs, while preventing the peg sleeve from rotating at the same time. With Dakota Roche’s name on it, you know they can take a beating! Sold individually as a 14mm peg with a 3/8″ adapter and available in 4.5" or 4.75" lengths. Replacement sleeve also available. Check it out here or at your local shop or fave mail order! 


The all new Beta Guard Sprocket features a high-impact plastic guard, that is bolted to a super strong 8mm thick 6061-T6 aluminum sprocket. The plastic guard is fitted down into the sprocket itself, creating additional support and making this guard extremely robust. Four small bolts thread directly into the sprocket, without the need for small nuts that can easily come loose or fall out. The high-impact, low-friction plastic material will keep your chain protected, keep you from hanging up, and allow for any grind combination you can come up with. Available in 25T only, replacement guard also available. Get it here or at your local shop or fave mail order!

The Williams tire is now available in some fresh colors including Creme, Gray, and Gum. Go check them out here and be sure to check out Nathan's recent Signature Sessions edit here.