We're hyped on all of the brand new goods we have rolling out right now including Chad Kerley's signature Smoked Gold 888 complete wheels. Check out everything including the all new ZX freecoaster wheel, Interlace grips, Cinema x CEEK Stealth seat, and Admit Stealth seat. Everything's available at finer shops worldwide and right here on our web store.

Chad Kerley's signature Smoked Gold 888 wheels start with our time tested aero designed 888 rims and are laced to our FX front hub and FX2 freecoaster hub. Both wheels come ready to roll with nylon hub guards already installed.

The all new ZX freecoaster wheel is designed to get you rolling backward on a budget. Our newly designed ZX freecoaster hub is laced to our 333 rim and features nylon hub guards pre-installed so it's ready to roll right out of the box!

As part of a collaboration project between us and Chad Kerley's personal lifestyle brand, CEEK Life, we've worked with Chad to design this new Cinema x CEEK Stealth Pivotal seat. Based on a thick seat base and featuring durable canvas cover with sublimated artwork and rear panel tag, this seat has all the swag you can ask for.

The new Admit Stealth Pivotal seat is based on our thick seat base and has a durable canvas cover with sublimated artwork and an embroidered CINEMA logo on the rear panel.

Our all new Interlace grips feature a super comfortable waffle-helix hybrid design pattern with a 150mm length and expanding wedge-style bar ends.